Art is a new subject this year for InterHigh. We will follow the English KS3 curriculum for art, adapting as necessary for online teaching. I will try to implement as many practical techniques as possible, given our online basis. You will see in the list of items needed that it includes; watercolour paints, drawing pencils, a camera etc. We will have a different scheme of work every few weeks and focus on a new type of art, learning about and from a variety of artists along the way. To begin, we will be looking at self-portraits through photography. I will hopefully be introducing a wide range of art to the students so they are able to apply this knowledge in the future. I will be making use of the webcam feature each week to guide students through the various techniques. There will be an expectation of any art produced by the students to be uploaded for myself to view and give feedback on. This may be during the session or week to week as part of their homework.

What We Do

Wey ecademy, part of the Wey Education Plc group of companies, offers specialist online education provision directly to the point of demand of students educational requirements and circumstances, whether they are located in the UK or overseas. 


What We Offer

Wey ecademy provides students with access to education regardless of their location. Our blended use of leading technology and engaging teaching methods has enabled us to create a unique way of delivering learning online in real time, delivered by experienced and qualified teachers. This modern way of accessing learning allows more young people to reach their full potential and improve their education, through a medium that is often favoured and familiar. Our range of services enables us to address the needs of each student individually and our scheduled classes provides a cost effective way of doing so.

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If you are a School, Education Authority or Student and require more information regarding Wey ecademy’s services, please contact us here 




Wey ecademy works with schools and organisations in the UK and abroad, to deliver qualified teaching to a range of learners. Our experience in delivering learning online has enabled us to perfect our teaching style. We are experts in our field and we have created a range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of the student and to complement their education regardless of their current situation or circumstance. We can offer short term support for a young person with the aim of re-engaging them in their education and we can offer a more comprehensive longer term service depending on what is required.

Legal Notice

Wey ecademy recognises our legal and moral duty to promote the well-being of children, protect them from harm and respond to safeguarding concerns.  Through their day-to-day contact with pupils and correspondence with families, the staff at Wey ecademy have a role to play in noticing safeguarding concerns and working with parents and appropriate agencies. 

We have a responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the pupils receiving our service and we will carry out this duty through our teaching and learning, extracurricular activities, pastoral care and extended school activities. In order to achieve this, all members of staff, in whatever capacity, will at all times act proactively in child welfare matters especially where there is a possibility that a child may be at risk of harm, we will act immediately.

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